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D6days Handout for volunteers

D6days Handout for volunteers


Here is good quick handout for you to give your volunteers this morning at church so they can go home and listen to some of the D6 Conference speakers this afternoon.

d6 volunteer handout jpg

d6days volunteer handout


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D6 Lydia Randall #D62013 Balancing Busyness in Ministry


Lydia Randall #D62013
Balancing Busyness in Ministry

Busy has become the new “fine.” When someone asks how we are doing, we now answer “busy”instead  of “fine”

Adjust the way we minister
1. They feel ill-equipped.
2. They feel overwhelmed.

Faith Path- A great tool for celebrating milestones
On child’s birthday, an email is sent to with training and help specific to age

Adjust as the minister
Antonym of busy in the dictionary is lazy.
We are so busy that we are lazy.
If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy
The pace we are doing God’s work is destroying God’s work within me

Schedule your Sabbath: weekly, monthly, yearly

Lydia Randall
Creator of Faith Path
My Faith Box


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D6 James Dobson The Legacy of Family Ministry #D62013


Dr. Dobson shared a powerful personal family testimony about his dad’s running from the call of The Lord to ministry, his dad’s eventual eventual acceptance of the calling, and the events that followed of ministry and raising his family to the glory of God.

You could hear a pin drop in the conference hall because all ears were attentive to hearing the message Dr Dobson brought. He speaks of life stories that are filled with humor, humility, and honor to God. 

Praise God for a man who devoted his life to living for the Lord and helping others to do the same.

Quick Dr. D. quote: 

“Saying no to God is a dangerous thing to do”

Here is the question that Dr Dobson wants to leave for each of us:

What is it that you most want to leave to your family?

Dr. James Dobson
Founder and President of Family Talk
Author of more than 80 books


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D6 2013 Tim Kimmel #D62013


Some of my favorite takeaways:

-there is a difference between people who do great things and lives great lives
-churches are meant to be a function of His love and …of His grace

-God’s love is best nurtured through spiritually thriving families
-Pope John Paul says that the family is a domestic church and the church is a gathering of domestic churches.

-strong churches don’t make strong families; strong families make strong churches

-the most effective way to disciple a child and for them to come to Christ is for them to be raised in a home with godly parents

The gospel is best illustrated through churches and homes that reflect God’s heart        
Grace is experienced through the quality of our love
Grace is often defined by what we do, but should moreso be defined by what we are

The gospel is best leveraged when churches and families operate in partnership

Go to for free resources…especially check out the family ministry map

prepare them, free them, empower them, aim them

Tim Kimmel
Author of Grace Based Parenting
Founder of Family Matters


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D6 Louisville Darrin Patrick #D62013


Darrin’s challenge was directed at how we might address pursuing God, obeying God, and helping families do the same.

Starting by planting ourselves in the passage focused on the Fruit of the Spirit, Darrin informed us that:
fruit grows holistically
fruit grows internally
fruit grows gradually
fruit is grown communally

Notable remarks that impress:

“there is a difference between the fruit of your personality and the fruit of the Spirit”
“God is building a palace…it is called your life”
“law can discourage sin, but cannot identify and deal with the source of sin”
“with law the best you can hope for is behavior modification, but not character transformation”
“we need to have to have ppl around us that know what our fleshly patterns are”

Darrin Patrick
founded the journey
vp of acts 29 network
chaplain of St. Louis cards


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A two year old to take my heart

My little boy turned two year old today!

I love this little boy! He’s got his Daddy’s sense of humor. Look out world!

Bathed in prayer. Raised in simple faith and purposeful living. May God receive glory through the life of this child.



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Children’s Ministry Network

Childrens Ministry Network


Georgia has a new children’s ministry website called Children’s Ministry Network! This is a hub for Georgia Baptist Children’s Ministry leaders and other kidmin leaders to find great children’s ministry resources, ideas, events, and children’s ministry jobs listings.

Take the time to visit here and help contribute to resources for anyone and everyone to help churches share Jesus with children and families in their communities.

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