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Ministering to Kids and their Family in a Hospital

Ministering to Kids and their Family in a Hospital

I recently came upon a car accident where I was able to assist in a time of need. For most people, they wouldn’t think much further beyond witnessing an accident. But for the families involved in the accident, the physical pain, emotional turmoil, and spiritual journey will continue to unfold for them for much longer.

Here is how we can respond as ministers:

1) Make contact with the family. If you are on the scene of the accident, give them your business card with information and let them know you are available if you need them. Some families might later seek out your help for counseling or just a shoulder to cry on. Bottom line is make yourself available.

2) Follow up with a visit. Find out their names and visit the hospital. In some cases you will not be able to see the patients, but several family members will be in the waiting room area. Seek them out and pray with them. If you can connect with the patients, go in, pray, let them know you are available to help, and then leave. Don’t stay longer than necessary.

3) Love on those kids. Loving on the kids will speak volumes of love to the families of those kids. This particular accident needed a med-evac helicopter to transport the preschooler to the hospital. In the goody-bag that I prepared for him I put a toy helicopter that cost one buck. This will help him remember some of the heroes that came to his rescue that day.

There isn’t any need to spend a lot of money. Go to the local Christian bookstore and find some stickers and inexpensive toys. Go to Wal-Mart of the dollar store and get some fun toys that only cost a dollar. While you are there pick up a “get well” card for a buck too.

Here is my goody-bag for this trip:

hospital goody bag
1) Bibles – These are nice Bibles. This was only possible because the local Christian bookstore donated these that day. I don’t have a budget that would allow me to do this regularly.
2) Cup that costs 99 cents.
3) Helicopter toy- cost 99 cents
4) Get well card- 99 cents

Make sure to include your business card so they can get in touch with you at a later date if they need you.

As you can see, if doesn’t take much to minister to the families. These few simple steps will leave great impressions on every family you minister to in a hospital.

Stay tuned for a blog post about a goody-bag for parents who have just have a baby!


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Ministry Tech Tools: Free Prayer App

ChurchMag had a recent blog on an app for prayer.

Organization is key to being effective ministers. This app is mobile which means you can use it on the go and you don’t have to be attached to your desktop computer in your church office.

People mention prayer requests to me usually when I’m heading out the door and I know my mind is ten steps ahead of me. Without paper and pen, this prayer request could potentially be forgotten. Type that request in, and have a regular time to go through requests.

Make sure you can be counted on to pray for those that are entrusted to you. They rely on your leadership. They look to you to minister to them.

Download this free app and make sure to stay on top of praying for those in your children’s ministry, student ministry, family ministry, and church.

Know of any other good prayer apps? Let us know in the comments below.



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Are you preparing for Sunday services the right way?

No doubt, you’ve got to study your lesson you will teach. You must have all your volunteers lined up. You need to have all your resources together.

But the one thing that can be overlooked is prayer…communication with God. If you are like me then you are pressed for time. How can I fit in everything I need to do in the limited time I have been given?

First of all, just like you plan on your lesson and your volunteers, plan on your prayer time. Plan it out. Go ahead and tell yourself that it will be a part of your Sunday morning. This way, it will be on your mind, and not likely to get overlooked.

Plan on prayer, but don’t feel like you have to overwhelm yourself with prayer. One minute of focused communication with God is better than none at all. Remember He is our Source and our Purpose. I recommend aiming for 3-5 minutes to start out with, then head to ten minutes or more. (For clarification, if God leads you to spend two hours in prayer on any given Sunday morning, please obey. This article is not for those that are spending adequate time in prayer. I am honing in those that are struggling to fit it in.)

Decide where you will pray. Some of you can pray in your office. You might have a prayer room at your church building. Before others arrive you may want to prayer walk the halls of the children’s area or the children’s worship center. For some of you still struggling with fitting it all in, try praying while you are driving to church. This is one of my favorite times to pray. If you are alone you can have at it. It’s also great to pray with your family in the car as you are driving to prepare your hearts to worship.

Have an idea of what you might pray about. This will save you time. Pray for your volunteers, teachers, church staff, students. Pray that God would work in incredible ways this morning. Pray that you and others would hear straight from the heart of God. Pray that visitors would find a home with your church family. Pray that as God’s Word is taught lives would be changed including yours, your students, and your volunteers.

After you spend time asking God for all these things, take time to listen to God for a little bit too. Ask specific questions to Him. “Is there anything you want me to know before I start this day, Lord?” “Is there anyone in particular I need to minister to today?” “Reveal to me the lesson You desire to teach me this morning.”

Hope this gives you a start. Make sure sure prayer is an essential part of your Sunday, and everyday.

Feel free to share your best prayer practices for Sunday morning.

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3 free Francis Chan books on Kindle

For a limited time only, get any or all three books by Francis Chan for free. The digital versions are on Amazon right now for free. You can download them right into your Kindle, or you can download the free Kindle app for iPhone and download it there.

Here are the books you can get:

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

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