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Free video editing program until Feb 4

Love free? The grab this free video editing program until Feb 4.

There are a lot of great video editing programs out there. Adobe Premiere Pro is excellent but can run $400 for old copies, and much more for the current subscription services. And Final Cut Pro is $300 bucks. One of the big challenges for churches, is the cost involved.

Hit Film

In comes HitFilms (for just a few more days) This powerful software usually costs $149, but today you can pick it up for FREE.

This software can handle all of your basic video editing needs and also provide some pretty cool options for making enhancements to your videos in ministry.

Click here to head on over to HitFilm and grab their free software until February 4.

Thanks to Tim Schmoyer, a youth minister and youtube pro, for tipping us off with this great free resource.

Feel free to leave a comment and share with us about your favorite video editing resource.


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How to get started on Twitter

I have only personally been using Twitter for a matter of weeks. I’m on the newbie side on tweeting. But you’ve gotta start somewhere.

Mashable recently hosted a blog article on “The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter.” this will be a great place to start. If you have never given Twitter a try and you are looking for basics, read this article. It doesn’t go in depth by any means. It will only give you the basics.

Be forewarned, Twitter can be a huge waste of time. It can intrude on your family life and interfere with your time doing ministry. On the flip side, Twitter can be a great tool for finding news, connecting with other ministry professionals, communicating within your church family, and also finding humor during a hectic day.

I recommend starting with boundaries for yourself. Tell yourself you’ll limit Twitter to particular times during the day and only for a certain amount of time. You can get sucked in. People talk non-stop on Twitter so you could read forever.

If you are determined to begin on Twitter, start with that Mashable article and start tweeting. If you need your first friend on Twitter connect to me at @ministryandlife


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Special needs students and IPads

I have recently been looking at ways to use iPads for special needs students in our ministry. I am not familiar with any apps designed specifically to be used for ministry with special needs students in children’s ministry or youth ministry.

I did find a great free app called Autism Apps. It lists PLENTY of free and paid apps for all kinds of special needs. GREAT resource. I highly recommend checking it out.

Here is a recent article from Mashable on iPads and special needs. Good ideas.

If you look around, a lot of the apps for special needs are expensive. And some are incredibly expensive. But there are plenty of free ones to check out too.

Are you aware of any great apps for special needs students? Leave us a comment below.


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Ministry Tech Tools: Free Prayer App

ChurchMag had a recent blog on an app for prayer.

Organization is key to being effective ministers. This app is mobile which means you can use it on the go and you don’t have to be attached to your desktop computer in your church office.

People mention prayer requests to me usually when I’m heading out the door and I know my mind is ten steps ahead of me. Without paper and pen, this prayer request could potentially be forgotten. Type that request in, and have a regular time to go through requests.

Make sure you can be counted on to pray for those that are entrusted to you. They rely on your leadership. They look to you to minister to them.

Download this free app and make sure to stay on top of praying for those in your children’s ministry, student ministry, family ministry, and church.

Know of any other good prayer apps? Let us know in the comments below.



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Ministry Tech Tools: Free Fonts

Add new fonts to your design resource cabinet! Different events may call for a different look in your marketing.

Check out and download 15 FREE fonts here.

15 Free Fonts

Do you have great fonts you’d love to share with other ministries? Let us know about them in the comments below.


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Ministry Tech Tools: Countdown videos

Everyone wants their students to be excited about Sunday Morning and Mid Week services. When kids are fired up about starting a service the enthusiasm fills the air!

One easy way to start a service is a countdown. A countdown can be NO expense, or it can be $$ expense.

The simplest form would be to just start off by yelling out (or using a microphone) 10, 9, 8, etc, 3, 2, 1! And then, “Welcome to ____________!!” Your students will eventually expect the countdown every week and it will create anticipation and excitement for the group. It will also let the students know when it is time to start the service. This is really important because we are on a limited time schedule and we want to make the most of our time.

So that was the free way. You can up your game by using projection software and using countdown videos. Some are free and others are a little more costly.

The gang over at put together some videos that are sure to make your children’s ministry laugh and get into the countdown.

If kids know to expect something funny each week, then you need to use your projection software for announcements too. If they are staring at the screen give them info too. Have your upcoming events listed up there so they can get excited about what is going on in your kid’s ministry.

Leave a comment below letting me know of great ideas or resources you use for “the countdown.”


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