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Ministering to Kids and their Family in a Hospital

Ministering to Kids and their Family in a Hospital

I recently came upon a car accident where I was able to assist in a time of need. For most people, they wouldn’t think much further beyond witnessing an accident. But for the families involved in the accident, the physical pain, emotional turmoil, and spiritual journey will continue to unfold for them for much longer.

Here is how we can respond as ministers:

1) Make contact with the family. If you are on the scene of the accident, give them your business card with information and let them know you are available if you need them. Some families might later seek out your help for counseling or just a shoulder to cry on. Bottom line is make yourself available.

2) Follow up with a visit. Find out their names and visit the hospital. In some cases you will not be able to see the patients, but several family members will be in the waiting room area. Seek them out and pray with them. If you can connect with the patients, go in, pray, let them know you are available to help, and then leave. Don’t stay longer than necessary.

3) Love on those kids. Loving on the kids will speak volumes of love to the families of those kids. This particular accident needed a med-evac helicopter to transport the preschooler to the hospital. In the goody-bag that I prepared for him I put a toy helicopter that cost one buck. This will help him remember some of the heroes that came to his rescue that day.

There isn’t any need to spend a lot of money. Go to the local Christian bookstore and find some stickers and inexpensive toys. Go to Wal-Mart of the dollar store and get some fun toys that only cost a dollar. While you are there pick up a “get well” card for a buck too.

Here is my goody-bag for this trip:

hospital goody bag
1) Bibles – These are nice Bibles. This was only possible because the local Christian bookstore donated these that day. I don’t have a budget that would allow me to do this regularly.
2) Cup that costs 99 cents.
3) Helicopter toy- cost 99 cents
4) Get well card- 99 cents

Make sure to include your business card so they can get in touch with you at a later date if they need you.

As you can see, if doesn’t take much to minister to the families. These few simple steps will leave great impressions on every family you minister to in a hospital.

Stay tuned for a blog post about a goody-bag for parents who have just have a baby!


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I held a lifeless body of a little girl in my arms today…

I held a lifeless body of a little girl in my arms today…

As I drove up over a hill I saw the smoke in the distance. Two vehicles had just collided at a busy intersection, enroute to driving my first grade son to school. I pulled off on the grassy shoulder. “Elijah,” I said. “Hang tight, Dad needs to go help these people.” I cracked the windows and headed to the smashed-in cars.

A woman was screaming….”My kids…..My kids….help my kids!” I ran quickly as she was trying to pull her preschool age boy with a bloody face out of the car. He was crying out. I noticed liquids pouring out from the smoking vehicle. Another gentleman approached so I instructed him to take the little boy away from the car to a safe spot.

The mom continued screaming, “My daughter!” I reached into the front seat and cradled her into my arms.

I held a lifeless body of a little girl in my arms today…

or so it seemed. She lay limp as I carried her across the road to safety. No visible motion in the girl as I transported her. Once I layed her on the ground with my hand under her head I recognized that she was breathing well. Praise God.

This sweet little second grader remained unconscious for several minutes. I can’t help but to think that this could be any one of my children.

Finally she regained consciousness and cried out. Everyone let out a sigh of relief and a gentle smile.

In come our heroes: the fire fighters, law enforcement, EMS, and the med-evac helicopter to attend to the injured and continue to provide safety for others. The ambulance and helicopter take the kids to hospital for treatment.

Both kids will be okay.

Three things I take away from this life-altering event today:
1. Don’t take life for granted. Only God knows the number of our days. Live each day as your last and live it to the glory of God.

2. Children are a gift. I watched as that dear mom stood over her daughter in distress and deep concern.

3. God desires to use us all the time. I could have left the scene saying that they were “lucky” nothing else happened, but I didn’t. Instead I took the opportunity to tell those I encountered, “Praise God for His protection!” Turn people to the One we can trust…the One that cares the most for us…the One that holds the world in His hands. Simple words can lead others to initiate a relationship with the God who loves them deeply.

I followed up with both parties at the hospital and ministered to their families. Check out my post to see how to minister to a family when their kids are in the hospital.
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Saddleback Church hosting Gathering on Mental Health and the Church on March 28

Saddleback Church will be hosting The Gathering on Mental Health and the Church on March 28, 2014.

Gathering on Mental Health Saddleback Church

Mental health affects the lives of one in every four people in the United States. There is not only a possibility that you will cross one of these people during your day, there is a certainty. Thankfully Saddleback Church has taken a lead in this prominent area that has been kept in the secrecy of our homes. Through the training, connecting, and information shared, hopefully we will begin to see hope come to the homes of those affected.


Visit the website here to stay up to date on information as it is released. This event will be webcasted to help reach audiences all across the U.S.

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New Free Kids Bible App from Youversion


New Free Kids Bible App from Youversion


1. Quality – Youversion is not going to release a program sub-par. Expect supreme quality.

2. Performance – Youversion’s adult Bible app runs smooth. We can assume this kid’s Bible app will run similarly.

3. Fun. My five year old cannot put it down. He loves it! The story is well read. They illustrations are fantastic. There is a lot to interact with in each scene and achievements can be made to reward the child.

4. Great Price. Free. Not going to get better than that.

You can download the app on IOS or Android today. Get it and get your family plugged into reading the BIble!

A special thanks to for being the source of



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D6 Todd Wagner #D62013


D6 Todd Wagner #D62013

Todd Wagner #D62013
Marriage Matters

Impression without expression leads to depression.
If God teaches you something, put it into action.

When God’s people show up, there should be an impression.

3 institutions 
Family- educate, impress on childrens the things that are true to leave a blessing (Marriage- for the blessing & propagation of society)
Church- remind, rebuke, encourage, help
Government- evil is prosecuted and the innocent protected

The debate should be what is marriage, not who can marriage. If they get that right, the rest would be easier to address.

Our country has a low view of marriage because our church has a low view of love.
Dad hasn’t loved mom the way Christ loves the church.

Marriage is a big deal because God loves people.
While God hates divorce, he doesn’t hate divorcees.
A failed marriage isn’t the unforgiveable sin.

1. Marriage helps us mirror His image.
2. Marriage helps us manage the world.

Marriage is where we model God’s love for a fallen world.

4 Things you can do if you want to have a high and biblical image of marriage

1. You’ve got to be authentic. Lead authentically.
2. You’ve got to be committed.
3. You’ve got to be connected.
4. Be aware. You have an enemy that hates you and wants to take you out.

We have a lot of churches that don’t do ministry and mission, but just “do” church.

Our job is not to get people to come to church but to come to Jesus.

If you hold up the view of romantic love, you are compromising 1 Cor 13 love

The very first place you have to look if you want to improve marriage in the church is your marriage first.

How is your ministry going? [insert picture of your family]

How are you doing at being able to tell people, “Imitate me”?

If you define love by anything less than the cross you are diminishing the meaning.

Todd Wagner
Founding Pastor of Watermark Community Church, Dallas


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Ministry Tech Tools: Free Prayer App

ChurchMag had a recent blog on an app for prayer.

Organization is key to being effective ministers. This app is mobile which means you can use it on the go and you don’t have to be attached to your desktop computer in your church office.

People mention prayer requests to me usually when I’m heading out the door and I know my mind is ten steps ahead of me. Without paper and pen, this prayer request could potentially be forgotten. Type that request in, and have a regular time to go through requests.

Make sure you can be counted on to pray for those that are entrusted to you. They rely on your leadership. They look to you to minister to them.

Download this free app and make sure to stay on top of praying for those in your children’s ministry, student ministry, family ministry, and church.

Know of any other good prayer apps? Let us know in the comments below.



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Cool Swiss Army Knife for today’s Kids


Swiss Army brand has come out with a multi-function tool just for kids. I must admit it is pretty cool. It is plastic and safe for 3 years and up. The tool includes a saw, fork, spoon, magnifying glass, knife, and screwdriver.

Check it out here: Swiss Army Plastic Knife

Kids can discover the fun times of Swiss Army like we did as kids.

Except when we were kids we used real Swiss Army knives. But you just can’t do that anymore. Or climb back and forth over the seat in the station wagon while on family vacation. You can’t even lay down across the seat when you want to sleep anymore.

But we’ll settle on second best: the plastic Swiss Army Knife for the kids.


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