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D6 Dr. Timothy Paul Jones #D62013 Conference Notes


D6 Dr. Timothy Paul Jones #D62013

Family Ministry is about having a ministry bigger than your ministry.
What Jesus did was for the church and for the world. Something much bigger than your ministry.

How did our storylines in our ministries get so small?

There are spiritual reasons for this, but at the same time there is a context we live in that defines why our storylines got so small.

End of Deut. 6… to tell the story of generations past with view of generations future.

The History of Family Ministry in Five Drawings

1. The Society Movement -late 1800s
2. Efficiency Movement -early 1900s
3 characteristics: centralize, segment, professionalize
3. Separation– mid 1900’s
separate youth out. Keep them connected to church during youth years, and hopefully they will come back to the church after youth years.
4. Era of Dis-integration– late 1900’s
conglomeration of separated silos
other groups withiin the church wanted emphasis and self-focus like the youth had
congregation became a collection of programs
5. Coordination– present and future
comes out of a dissatification of this dis-integration era
keep different ministries but draw them in and help them to see how essential integration with generations is.
helps them see a image of a bigger story
driven by Gospel and drawn by a diverse community

Recognize you are part of a story that God is telling throughout the ages.

Help your children see that their lives are bigger than themselves.

What do I do with my church?
Don’t change things you are doing. Re-purpose what you are doing.

The TIE Principle: 
Train Involve Equip. 
How can you train, involve, equip your parents to do ministry?

Involve (do events that if your parents don’t show up, then it doesn’t work)
Equip (give a resource to parents to remind them of what they are to be doing)

What do I do with me?
Often our value is based on what we do in our ministry. We must remember that the story is bigger than ourselves. Our value is settled in Jesus.

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones
Proessor of Family MInistry at Southern
Serves in children’s ministry at Sojourn Community


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Ministry Tech Tools: Free Fonts

Add new fonts to your design resource cabinet! Different events may call for a different look in your marketing.

Check out and download 15 FREE fonts here.

15 Free Fonts

Do you have great fonts you’d love to share with other ministries? Let us know about them in the comments below.


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Ministry Tech Tools: Countdown videos

Everyone wants their students to be excited about Sunday Morning and Mid Week services. When kids are fired up about starting a service the enthusiasm fills the air!

One easy way to start a service is a countdown. A countdown can be NO expense, or it can be $$ expense.

The simplest form would be to just start off by yelling out (or using a microphone) 10, 9, 8, etc, 3, 2, 1! And then, “Welcome to ____________!!” Your students will eventually expect the countdown every week and it will create anticipation and excitement for the group. It will also let the students know when it is time to start the service. This is really important because we are on a limited time schedule and we want to make the most of our time.

So that was the free way. You can up your game by using projection software and using countdown videos. Some are free and others are a little more costly.

The gang over at put together some videos that are sure to make your children’s ministry laugh and get into the countdown.

If kids know to expect something funny each week, then you need to use your projection software for announcements too. If they are staring at the screen give them info too. Have your upcoming events listed up there so they can get excited about what is going on in your kid’s ministry.

Leave a comment below letting me know of great ideas or resources you use for “the countdown.”


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