D6 2013 Tim Kimmel #D62013

17 Oct


Some of my favorite takeaways:

-there is a difference between people who do great things and lives great lives
-churches are meant to be a function of His love and …of His grace

-God’s love is best nurtured through spiritually thriving families
-Pope John Paul says that the family is a domestic church and the church is a gathering of domestic churches.

-strong churches don’t make strong families; strong families make strong churches

-the most effective way to disciple a child and for them to come to Christ is for them to be raised in a home with godly parents

The gospel is best illustrated through churches and homes that reflect God’s heart        
Grace is experienced through the quality of our love
Grace is often defined by what we do, but should moreso be defined by what we are

The gospel is best leveraged when churches and families operate in partnership

Go to for free resources…especially check out the family ministry map

prepare them, free them, empower them, aim them

Tim Kimmel
Author of Grace Based Parenting
Founder of Family Matters


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