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D6days Handout for volunteers

D6days Handout for volunteers


Here is good quick handout for you to give your volunteers this morning at church so they can go home and listen to some of the D6 Conference speakers this afternoon.

d6 volunteer handout jpg

d6days volunteer handout


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D6 Megan Lacefield #D62013 Leading the NextGen Ministry Team


D6 Megan Lacefield #D62013

Leading the NextGen Ministry Team

Have a cohesive plan from birth to college.

Leadership starts with you.

Consistently lead up
support the core values of your pastor

Consistently lead down
Lead with excellence.
It takes constant encouragement.
Know them personally

Create a team with individual and specific job descriptions.
Create an atmosphere of crossover between ministries.
Communicate a clear vision

Fight for the unity of the team

Do you have a plan for the next generation? Do you have a plan for your team?

Megan Lacefield
Pastor of NextGen Ministry at New River Fellowship Church


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D6 Dr. Timothy Paul Jones #D62013 Conference Notes


D6 Dr. Timothy Paul Jones #D62013

Family Ministry is about having a ministry bigger than your ministry.
What Jesus did was for the church and for the world. Something much bigger than your ministry.

How did our storylines in our ministries get so small?

There are spiritual reasons for this, but at the same time there is a context we live in that defines why our storylines got so small.

End of Deut. 6… to tell the story of generations past with view of generations future.

The History of Family Ministry in Five Drawings

1. The Society Movement -late 1800s
2. Efficiency Movement -early 1900s
3 characteristics: centralize, segment, professionalize
3. Separation– mid 1900’s
separate youth out. Keep them connected to church during youth years, and hopefully they will come back to the church after youth years.
4. Era of Dis-integration– late 1900’s
conglomeration of separated silos
other groups withiin the church wanted emphasis and self-focus like the youth had
congregation became a collection of programs
5. Coordination– present and future
comes out of a dissatification of this dis-integration era
keep different ministries but draw them in and help them to see how essential integration with generations is.
helps them see a image of a bigger story
driven by Gospel and drawn by a diverse community

Recognize you are part of a story that God is telling throughout the ages.

Help your children see that their lives are bigger than themselves.

What do I do with my church?
Don’t change things you are doing. Re-purpose what you are doing.

The TIE Principle: 
Train Involve Equip. 
How can you train, involve, equip your parents to do ministry?

Involve (do events that if your parents don’t show up, then it doesn’t work)
Equip (give a resource to parents to remind them of what they are to be doing)

What do I do with me?
Often our value is based on what we do in our ministry. We must remember that the story is bigger than ourselves. Our value is settled in Jesus.

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones
Proessor of Family MInistry at Southern
Serves in children’s ministry at Sojourn Community


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D6 Rob Morgan #D62013 Hope for Your Prodigal


D6 Rob Morgan #D62013
Hope For Your Prodigal

Sometimes attempting to be a D6 parent leads to L15 parenting (Deut 6, Luke 15)

Psalm 121 He who keeps Israel will never slumber nor sleep. (my child)

2 Samuel 14:14 The Lord devises means so that the Lords own will not be banished from Him

God has a way of working in our lives when we don’t realize that He is working at all

Luke 15:11-32

The correct response for a godly person is joy when anyone makes a response to God in their life

The older son was just as much a prodigal because he emblemized the pharisees

Grief/Grace Cycle when dealing with children in difficult times and situations

1. Pain
2. Prayer
James 5:16
Col. 4:13
3. Patience
4. Peace
Acts 19:36 ; Psalm 107; Matt. 8:26 ; Psalm 131
The Lord wants you to have peace in the storm and calmness in the crisis
5. Praise

Remember: Prodigals have a way of coming home.

Rob Morgan
Senior Pastor of The Donelson Fellowship


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D6 Dave Stone #D62013 3 Gifts for Your Kids


D6 Dave Stone #D62013

3 Gifts for Your Kids

1. Give Value to One Another

They need to know that they are of value.

We say kids are the hope of tomorrow. But we are slow to ask them to serve alongside us. We are slow to disciple them.

Make sure that the cemetary doesn’t enter into the church.

Dont fall asleep wondering if God can use you. Instead fall asleep wondering how God can use you.

Do you just sleep in your home? Or do you live in your neighborhood?

2. Extend Grace to One Another

As He extends grace to me, I am to extend grace to others.

We show grace because we need grace.

It means we need to be on the lookout for people to show grace to.

For some of us it is easier to accept that Jesus came back from the grave than to accept that God can forgive our sin.

3. Show Love to One Another

Activity for Christ does not equal intimacy with Christ

If the Holy Spirit pulled out of your life, would you even acknowledge His absence 

The next time Satan reminds you of your past remind him of his future

Dave Stone
Senior Minister of Southeast Christian Church


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D6 Rob Reinow #D62013


D6 Rob Reinow #D62013

A Church Philosophy for the Generations

D6 Rob Reinow #D62013

A Church Philosophy for the Generations

2 Tim 3:14-17

Three theological foundations:

1. A lost doctrine in the church today: The sufficiency of scripture
The Bible is not only true, it is enough. It is sufficient.

Teaching- how to think right
Reproof- how not to think wrong
Correction- how not to act wrong 
Training in righteousness- how to act right

Four levels of Scripture:
The Bible teaches doctrine- the truth of God
The Bible teaches righteousness- the will of God
The Bible teaches methodology- the ways of God
The Bible teaches jurisdiction- the call of God

2. The doctrine of jurisdiction
The jurisdiction principle
When a larger jurisdiction usurps responsibility from a lesser jurisdiction,
1) the crisis will not be solved and,
2) the proper jurisdiction is robbed of motivation, time, and resources to do the job

3. The patterns and commands for the early church, given to us by God in the Bible, are to be followed by us today.

Families/Church in the Early Church

Ephesians 6:4- early church methodology. Pastors helping parents.

The key to unleashing youth and child evangelism is discipleship within the family.

No biblical precident for separating worship with age.
Col 3, Eph 6, Acts 20
Children were included in the corporate worship service of the early church.

So many of our decisions in our church today are based on pragmatism….what works best.

Women’s Ministry
Titus 2:4-5 The heart of women’s ministry.
Two top priorities in women’s ministry is marriage ministry and children’s ministry.

Men’s Ministry
1 Tim 3., Titus 1- Criteria for men. First, he must manage his family well.

Global Missions
Gen. 1:28 multi-generational

The men of the early church didn’t invite people as much to the church as they did to their home.

In the early church multi-generational ministry wasn’t a department in church, but a framing for all of the ministry of the church.

Rob Reinow
Founder of Visionary Family Ministries
Author of Visionary Parenting and Visionary Marriage



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D6 Todd Wagner #D62013


D6 Todd Wagner #D62013

Todd Wagner #D62013
Marriage Matters

Impression without expression leads to depression.
If God teaches you something, put it into action.

When God’s people show up, there should be an impression.

3 institutions 
Family- educate, impress on childrens the things that are true to leave a blessing (Marriage- for the blessing & propagation of society)
Church- remind, rebuke, encourage, help
Government- evil is prosecuted and the innocent protected

The debate should be what is marriage, not who can marriage. If they get that right, the rest would be easier to address.

Our country has a low view of marriage because our church has a low view of love.
Dad hasn’t loved mom the way Christ loves the church.

Marriage is a big deal because God loves people.
While God hates divorce, he doesn’t hate divorcees.
A failed marriage isn’t the unforgiveable sin.

1. Marriage helps us mirror His image.
2. Marriage helps us manage the world.

Marriage is where we model God’s love for a fallen world.

4 Things you can do if you want to have a high and biblical image of marriage

1. You’ve got to be authentic. Lead authentically.
2. You’ve got to be committed.
3. You’ve got to be connected.
4. Be aware. You have an enemy that hates you and wants to take you out.

We have a lot of churches that don’t do ministry and mission, but just “do” church.

Our job is not to get people to come to church but to come to Jesus.

If you hold up the view of romantic love, you are compromising 1 Cor 13 love

The very first place you have to look if you want to improve marriage in the church is your marriage first.

How is your ministry going? [insert picture of your family]

How are you doing at being able to tell people, “Imitate me”?

If you define love by anything less than the cross you are diminishing the meaning.

Todd Wagner
Founding Pastor of Watermark Community Church, Dallas


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