D6 Rob Reinow #D62013

18 Oct


D6 Rob Reinow #D62013

A Church Philosophy for the Generations

D6 Rob Reinow #D62013

A Church Philosophy for the Generations

2 Tim 3:14-17

Three theological foundations:

1. A lost doctrine in the church today: The sufficiency of scripture
The Bible is not only true, it is enough. It is sufficient.

Teaching- how to think right
Reproof- how not to think wrong
Correction- how not to act wrong 
Training in righteousness- how to act right

Four levels of Scripture:
The Bible teaches doctrine- the truth of God
The Bible teaches righteousness- the will of God
The Bible teaches methodology- the ways of God
The Bible teaches jurisdiction- the call of God

2. The doctrine of jurisdiction
The jurisdiction principle
When a larger jurisdiction usurps responsibility from a lesser jurisdiction,
1) the crisis will not be solved and,
2) the proper jurisdiction is robbed of motivation, time, and resources to do the job

3. The patterns and commands for the early church, given to us by God in the Bible, are to be followed by us today.

Families/Church in the Early Church

Ephesians 6:4- early church methodology. Pastors helping parents.

The key to unleashing youth and child evangelism is discipleship within the family.

No biblical precident for separating worship with age.
Col 3, Eph 6, Acts 20
Children were included in the corporate worship service of the early church.

So many of our decisions in our church today are based on pragmatism….what works best.

Women’s Ministry
Titus 2:4-5 The heart of women’s ministry.
Two top priorities in women’s ministry is marriage ministry and children’s ministry.

Men’s Ministry
1 Tim 3., Titus 1- Criteria for men. First, he must manage his family well.

Global Missions
Gen. 1:28 multi-generational

The men of the early church didn’t invite people as much to the church as they did to their home.

In the early church multi-generational ministry wasn’t a department in church, but a framing for all of the ministry of the church.

Rob Reinow
Founder of Visionary Family Ministries
Author of Visionary Parenting and Visionary Marriage



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