D6 Dave Stone #D62013 3 Gifts for Your Kids

18 Oct


D6 Dave Stone #D62013

3 Gifts for Your Kids

1. Give Value to One Another

They need to know that they are of value.

We say kids are the hope of tomorrow. But we are slow to ask them to serve alongside us. We are slow to disciple them.

Make sure that the cemetary doesn’t enter into the church.

Dont fall asleep wondering if God can use you. Instead fall asleep wondering how God can use you.

Do you just sleep in your home? Or do you live in your neighborhood?

2. Extend Grace to One Another

As He extends grace to me, I am to extend grace to others.

We show grace because we need grace.

It means we need to be on the lookout for people to show grace to.

For some of us it is easier to accept that Jesus came back from the grave than to accept that God can forgive our sin.

3. Show Love to One Another

Activity for Christ does not equal intimacy with Christ

If the Holy Spirit pulled out of your life, would you even acknowledge His absence 

The next time Satan reminds you of your past remind him of his future

Dave Stone
Senior Minister of Southeast Christian Church


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