D6 Todd Wagner #D62013

17 Oct


D6 Todd Wagner #D62013

Todd Wagner #D62013
Marriage Matters

Impression without expression leads to depression.
If God teaches you something, put it into action.

When God’s people show up, there should be an impression.

3 institutions 
Family- educate, impress on childrens the things that are true to leave a blessing (Marriage- for the blessing & propagation of society)
Church- remind, rebuke, encourage, help
Government- evil is prosecuted and the innocent protected

The debate should be what is marriage, not who can marriage. If they get that right, the rest would be easier to address.

Our country has a low view of marriage because our church has a low view of love.
Dad hasn’t loved mom the way Christ loves the church.

Marriage is a big deal because God loves people.
While God hates divorce, he doesn’t hate divorcees.
A failed marriage isn’t the unforgiveable sin.

1. Marriage helps us mirror His image.
2. Marriage helps us manage the world.

Marriage is where we model God’s love for a fallen world.

4 Things you can do if you want to have a high and biblical image of marriage

1. You’ve got to be authentic. Lead authentically.
2. You’ve got to be committed.
3. You’ve got to be connected.
4. Be aware. You have an enemy that hates you and wants to take you out.

We have a lot of churches that don’t do ministry and mission, but just “do” church.

Our job is not to get people to come to church but to come to Jesus.

If you hold up the view of romantic love, you are compromising 1 Cor 13 love

The very first place you have to look if you want to improve marriage in the church is your marriage first.

How is your ministry going? [insert picture of your family]

How are you doing at being able to tell people, “Imitate me”?

If you define love by anything less than the cross you are diminishing the meaning.

Todd Wagner
Founding Pastor of Watermark Community Church, Dallas


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