Music Reaches Pre-teens

14 Jan

music for kids and preteens

Music is such a huge influencer in the life of a young person. Whether we like it or not it helps shape them. Those artists that sing their favorite songs influence them. It is essential that our kids connect with great music that has great role models.

In comes iShine, the pre-teen ministry dedicated to provided our tweens with music they’ll love by Christian artists. Think of all the Disney kid and teen shows you’ve seen on Disney channel, and replace them with gifted young people that are committed to Jesus.

While I’m a fan of the old golden hymns that we’ve sung forever, as a child is growing up, if a hymn is all they have to choose from in Christian music, they are likely to head to the secular music world to find tunes that they will enjoy along with all their friends.

Here is great music that relates to kids of their age, with good Christian values to back it up. It is worth giving it a chance with your kid.

You can download an app for the iShine radio station for free here.

Be sure to check out their website for more info on some of the artists involved.

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Posted by on January 14, 2013 in Children's Ministry


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