What is Family Ministry?

07 Aug
Fammin Blog Tour

Fammin Blog Tour

As the Pastor of Children and Families of my church, I get the incredible opportunity to work with our kids and their parents and grandparents. I’m thankful for the invitation to join the strong list of others with different perspectives on family ministry on the Fammin Blog Tour. Hopefully readers and contributors alike will benefit from what God is doing in each of our lives and ministries.

Family ministry is helping parents to reclaim their God-intended role as spiritual leader of the home.

God centered. We must be careful not to make “family” the object of our attention. God is our goal, our purpose, our plan. Not family. But by placing God at the center of the family structure, you will essentially aide the process of building a healthy family life. Glorifying God is the purpose we find in Scripture. From cover to cover we find Christ in the pages of the Bible.

Family driven. We find in the Bible that God uses family as a means to raise a godly family and direct our children to live purposely to glorify God. Deut 6:7 let’s us know we are to teach our children to love God with everything we have and are. We are to teach our kids these things at home and as we go about life. There is a reproductive process at heart here. If every parent did this with their children, and their children committed doing this with their children, and so on, we would find our churches and communities much healthier.

Life-stage accessible
. Every family enters into this process at different stages. Some parents have laid down godly foundations before their children were even born. Others have yet to attempt to even talk with their kids about Jesus or to have even said a single prayer with them. As a ministry leader it is my goal to provide opportunities for parents to be successful spiritual leaders. The more confident they are in their initial attempts, the more likely they will try it again in the future. There are currently many great resources out there that initiate connecting points for parents to engage their kids in spiritual conversations.

What about the kid with no Christian family?

As a young teenager and new Christian, I had no family at home to support me and guide me in my relationship with the Lord. My parents had recently divorced and my home life was constantly turbulent.

In stepped my church family. My church friends’ parents took the time to pray with me and encourage me. My youth pastor would eat at waffle house with me on Christmas night knowing that times were tough for me at home. I ate at the Wednesday night supper table with a group of senior adults who would always open up a spot for me. A godly multi-generational family invited me to their Thanksgiving dinner year after year. My associate pastor helped start my Christian library by picking through his personal collection. I still have a senior adult lady that writes me letters updating me about our church family fifteen years later.

A church can be family for those without. For me, my church family gave me a great understanding of how to be a godly dad, uncle, grandfather, and husband. I witnessed thriving relationships that were God-centered and God-focused. And they let me in on it. Because of my incredible church family as youth, I know how to lead my family as spiritual leader of my home.

This post is one viewpoint in the Family Ministry blog tour. Check out how others answer the question, “What is family ministry?” by viewing the full list of participants.

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One response to “What is Family Ministry?

  1. Trevor Lee (@trevormclee)

    August 10, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Thank you for this post, it really drives home the point of Family Ministry; 1) help the parents own the calling to spiritual parenting and, 2) adopt the “spiritual orphans” whose families are far from faith or invisible. I especially loved your testimony on how the church became your family…VERY powerful. Well written post brother! Keep posting!


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