Does Your Kid’s Ministry Shut Down For the Summer?

18 May

I’m curious. As the summer is approaching, how will your children’s ministry schedule change?

Will you carry on as usual with no changes to normal programming for your children’s ministry? Or will you cut back for the summer?

If you had Sunday evening and mid-week programs will you take a break for the summer?

If you do a children’s church, will you hold off for the next two months and restart in August?

There is a lot to consider in the summer. Families travel. If your church family is like mine, they travel a LOT. Our children’s ministry alters our programming for the summer. We still keep our Sunday morning small groups and children’s worship. All other normal programs take a hiatus until school starts back up. Instead we do a variety of connecting events that are designed to be fun, relaxed events scattered throughout the summer.

Some of our summer fun events cost money ($5-20) and some are free. Some are local and some are bigger day trips to theme parks, etc. We have so many traveling families that is is hard to sustain multiple programs. So we focus on one major time in our children’s ministry for discipleship, and then use the rest of the time to connect.

This also gives most of our volunteers a chance to refresh for a couple months.

What is your children’s ministry doing this summer?


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